Clear Requirements

All our projects start from a shared understanding of the project goals represented by our requirements document.

Well-Defined Scope

The requirements and the CAD design file represent the scope of the project.  Being able to see the CAD 3D model together with the printed requirements allows you to get a clear picture of what your boat will be before any fabrication is done.


Whether it’s adding 5 feet to an existing hull design, changing plate thickness or a custom galley we are prepared to meet the challenge. Structural changes are sent to our in-house design department to update the CAD model. Other changes can be discussed with Trever and the sub trades directly and the requirements will be updated accordingly.

Cut File Ready

Once the CAD design is finalized, a cut file is produced which translates the design into a pattern for custom cutting and forming aluminum.  Precise cutting by computer controlled routers means the weld ready panels exactly match what was specified by the CAD file.

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